Advanced Cyber Security Services


Explore a wide range of advanced cyber security services done by world class security experts and world renown hackers

Secure your crown jewels

A full spectrum of proactive threat-denial operations to secure your digital footprint, deter future attackers and improve your ability to detect and respond to compromise.

Nation state attack simulation

Truly understand and improve your defenses through a
nation-state caliber attack with adversarial tools and techniques.

High Caliber Investigation Services
Forensic Investigation
Time to Closure

Getting to closure fast matters to everyone.

Details Matter

You need facts: what happened, when it happened and who was responsible

Complete Visibility

Get an in-depth understanding with a timeline of events and evidence

Insider Threats Investigation

Anyone in your organization can sabotage operations. We help you understand who has the means and motive.

IP Theft

Theft of Intellectual Property has the highest rate of occurrence during a 90-day window of an employee’s departure.

vulnerability (1).png

Fraud from insiders is nothing new but fraud as part of cybercrime is on the rise. You need to know where you’re vulnerable.

Attribution Investigation
Unique Solutions

We provide a team of operators with unparalleled investigative and intelligence experience, access and custom tools.

Unique Tools

Our investigations are technology-enabled. We create custom-built solutions for your organization and the unique threats you face.

Unique People

We live outside the box, applying language skills, legal know-how and nation-state quality tactics to find and mitigate threats.

Disinformation Investigation

We analyze the entire disinformation network and identify plans and tactics.


We pinpoint disinformation and enable an effective mitigation strategy.


We identify those responsible for producing and spreading inauthentic content.

Advanced Security Testing
Penetration Testing

True pen testing requires people with advanced skill sets and experience to effectively compromise your digital infrastructure. Our operators go in blind and take down the most secure networks to giving you the most holistic understanding of your gaps and vulnerabilities.

Physical Security Assessments

We assess your security hardware and access control systems, as well as put your personnel and procedures to the test to better illustrate where you’re vulnerable and how best to mitigate the threats.

Red Team

Our Red Teams take on your organization holistically from top to bottom. The team you turn to when you absolutely, positively need to know where your defenses are vulnerable. Nisos operators bring real-world attack experience to your organization that no one else in the industry can offer.

Social Engineering

We show you how attackers can compromise your security and steal essential data through careful and thorough reconnaissance of your digital footprint and the social media activity of your employees and leaders.

Purple Team

We work collaboratively with your blue team to simulate adversarial activity on your network, measure your ability to detect, respond to and mitigate the malicious activity and identify gaps that leave you vulnerable to attack — all in real-time.

App & Cloud Security

Your attack surface is so much more than just your network hardware. Nisos’ operators will evaluate your existing application stacks and cloud assets to ensure your assets are safe from attackers.


Advisory Services


Deep expertise in cyber threats based on millions of hours of real-world security product testing.

Security Labs Partnership

Access to all Labs test Reports and valuable insights Unlimited support and advisory from experts and analysts

24x7x365 Security Validation of your security controls

live Security validation of your own security devices Your products and policies against the latest global threats and APTs

IoT Security

IoT security services and solutions give organizations the power to take control of their hyper-connected environments, with complete visibility & governance over every class of network-connected devices.

Identify & Classify
  • Discovers every device in your environment

  • Tracks risk scores to focus attention on high risk devices

  • Maintains a real-time database and tracks changes

  • Integrates with management and workflow tools

  • Micro-segmentation per NIST

  • Access control policy generation

  • Full integration with existing NAC solutions

  • Program firewalls, wired/wireless access network

  • Analyzes all device communications 24×7

  • Learns correct behaviors and creates conversation maps

  • Group systems by type, location, function, application

  • Anomaly detection prevents and isolates attempted attacks

System Utilization
  • Compare usage across facilities to for better distribution

  • Identify offline devices and bring them back into service

  • Understand the usage patterns and adjust schedules

  • Make better-informed purchasing decisions

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