Advanced Cyber Security Services


Explore a wide range of advanced cyber security services done by world class security experts and world renown hackers

§  Secure your crown jewels

A full spectrum of proactive threat-denial operations to secure your digital footprint, deter future attackers and improve your ability to detect and respond to compromise.

Nation state Attack simulation

Truly understand and improve your defenses through a nation-state caliber attack with adversarial tools and techniques

Advisory Services
Forensic Investigation

We approach forensic investigations differently-our analytics team works closely with investigators to deeply enrich forensic data-equating to telemetry capable of yielding comprehensive resolutions for our clients.

Insider Threats Investigation

Insider Threats aren’t limited to malicious employees. They run the gamut from unwitting and incompetent personnel to a sophisticated attack for personal gain or harm.

Attribution Investigation

It’s a simple question but getting an answer can be quite complex when cybersecurity investigations are required.

Despite the complexities, uncovering the identity of an individual, group or organization responsible for conducting malicious activity is critical to understanding their motives so your organization can create appropriate defenses.

Disinformation Investigation

We investigate, attribute and help defend against disinformation campaigns before they do irreparable harm.


Sophisticated disinformation campaigns are attacking the private sector.

Even a poorly-constructed disinformation campaign can have dramatic and lasting impacts if not properly mitigated. These attacks can happen at any moment and can cost companies tens of millions of dollars and destroy brands and reputations.

Our counter-disinformation services enable the private sector to detect, prevent and counter disinformation campaigns.

Advanced security testing

Our operators are hand-picked experts, each with in-depth experience in offensive cyber operations.

Our teams have been the adversary before giving them direct relatable experience. Our operators use this hard-won knowledge, along with tools favored by threat actors, to simulate the full breadth of sophisticated attack.

Our attack simulation is the ultimate tool your organization can use to raise security posture and improve response time to real threats.



NSS Labs has deep expertise in cyber threats based on millions of hours of real-world security product testing. Using live victim machines that emulate real-human interactions, NSS captures live threats, then validates and tests these threats against the world’s security products.

NSS Labs partnership

Access to all NSS Labs test Reports and valuable insights

Unlimited support and advisory from NSS Labs experts and analysts

24x7x365 Security Validation of your security controls

live Security validation of your own security devices

Your products and policies against the latest global threats and APTs

IoT Security

In the hyper-connected enterprise, virtually everything is connected to the network.  From simple IoT devices to physical security and access systems to office printers and copiers to digital merchandising and inventory management to gaming machines to payment systems to complex multi-million-dollar healthcare systems, traditional agent-based and human-generated security models simply cannot scale. Ordr solves this problem, giving organizations of any size the power to take control of their hyper-connected environments, with complete visibility and exhaustive control over every class of network-connected device.

Identify & Classify
  • Discovers every device in your environment

  • Tracks risk scores to focus attention on high risk devices

  • Maintains a real-time database and tracks changes

  • Integrates with management and workflow tools

  • Micro-segmentation per NIST

  • Access control policy generation

  • Full integration with existing NAC solutions

  • Program firewalls, wired/wireless access network

  • Analyzes all device communications 24×7

  • Learns correct behaviors and creates conversation maps

  • Group systems by type, location, function, application

  • Anomaly detection prevents and isolates attempted attacks

System Utilization
  • Compare usage across facilities to for better distribution

  • Identify offline devices and bring them back into service

  • Understand the usage patterns and adjust schedules

  • Make better-informed purchasing decisions

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